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In my childhood, I usually spended summers in the Taurus Mountains. For this reason, I have always loved wildlife. When I started photography, I naturally found myself in pursuit of birds and wildlife. It has always been my passion to view wildlife in a natural and aesthetic way.
In 2017-2018, I achieved my dream project, the name was Explore Without Get Lost. With this project, I traveled all over Turkey and wildlife shots, did 54.000km long way. The aim of the project was to photograph especially large mammals (gazelle, wild goat, bear, wolf, deer, etc.) and I managed to take photographs of all but the Striped Hyena. I took pictures of over 300 bird species.
I’m currently shooting documentary films as well as photography. I shoot corporate promotional, training and advertising videos. I manage the blog and write articles for the Photography Magazine. I produce social media content for photo and technology brands. Ali Şenel I share videos with photos, technology and nature in my Youtube account. We can reach my work under the name @senelfoto on social media.

BIO: Biyografi
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My blog page where I prepare content on Photography, Technology and Nature. Camera and lens tests, photography techniques, bird photography, book recommendations, field notes, camera settings, product demonstrations, camps etc....

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My website for commercial business and brand collaborations. Professional photography, video production, web design, SEO, digital content production and brand collaborations...

BIO: Projeler
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